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Linjing (China)

PhD in Sustainable Business

"My name is Linjing. I'm from China. I first began studying at the 老司机视频 in 2017 and completed my BA degree, then I decided to continue my education and obtained my MSc degree in 2019. And I am now a 2nd year PhD student at the 老司机视频 majoring in Sustainable Business."


Isa (Nigeria)

MSc International Business

"The 老司机视频 is the place to be. Chi Uni makes me feel warm, welcome and at home. Everyone here is so happy. I am living my best life here."


Nimra (Pakistan)

老司机视频 student

"My name is Nimra. I am originally from Pakistan. I love how everyone here is so kind and warm, especially the staff. Since Chichester is a small community, everyone here knows everyone, making for a very friendly environment. it is one of the most supportive places I have ever been."


Mitra (Iran)

MSc Sport and Exercise Biomechanics

"The 老司机视频 staff are supportive and they make me smile. As the 老司机视频 is small, it means you can access your academic department and lecturers easily!"


Shunsuke (Japan)

Exchange Student, Creative Industries

"I wanted to come to Chichester to experience living in another culture and improve my English. I have learned a lot about my own country during my studies at Chichester: I usually get asked how Japan compares with the UK. People are interested in finding out about you."


Samrat (India)

BSc in Football Coaching and Performance

"The tutors were always there to guide me whenever possible, supported me with research ideas, articles, and coaching challenges, and also found time to discuss various sporting topics, which was extremely fun. It was because of this course I was encouraged to pursue my master鈥檚."

My journey to the 老司机视频

Damara International Testimonial

Damara, Mexico

MA Performance Dance

Since completing my BA, I had the desire to study abroad. As a contemporary dancer, I wanted to explore different teaching approaches, learn new movement languages, engage with various teachers and choreographers, and observe how people from a country different to mine appreciate dance and the arts. However, due to economic limitations at that time, I could not achieve this goal.

Consequently, I began researching postgraduate programs in Europe focused on performance. My search narrowed down to two countries: Germany and the United Kingdom, considering the prestige of their artistic institutions and the professional growth opportunities available upon program completion.

One day, I came across a reel on Instagram showcasing a company named Mapdance, and as I liked what I saw, I wanted to know more about them. To my surprise, upon further investigation, I discovered that it was a master's program in the United Kingdom, specifically at the 老司机视频. And so, my adventure began.

I found the university's website and delved into researching all the courses they offered.

In the end, I reaffirmed that Mapdance was indeed what I was seeking. It aligned perfectly with my professional development goals.

The program focused on performance, offering the chance to work with four nationally and internationally recognized choreographers. I would gain a different perspective on contemporary dance and have the opportunity to go on tour, showcasing the choreographies we created during the year and conducting workshops at different institutions.

Another advantage I identified was the ability to take various technical classes with instructors specialized in different areas, as well as interacting with people from various parts of the world.

I must admit that when I started reading the requirements for admission, I panicked and did not know where to begin for a successful application. That is why I sought help from an education agent, making the process easier for me.

Before assisting with my application, they advised me on other potential universities, scholarships, or forms of financing, even exploring other countries. I also participated in webinars that connected me with others in the arts sector interested in studying in the UK or those who had already completed their studies and were willing to share their experiences.

Their assistance was crucial in my decision-making process and later in submitting my application. I only had to focus on sending them documentation or videos before the deadlines set by the university, while they managed everything for me.

If that wasn't enough, they also guided me through the visa application process, accompanying me at each step and clarifying all my doubts well in advance to ensure I arrived on time for the start of my course.

In March, I received my acceptance letter from the university, and upon accepting the offer, they provided me with all kinds of information to plan my arrival and ensure I met all bureaucratic requirements. This was also of great help to me, making the process of starting my life as an international student more straightforward, taking into account economic, social, and even cultural factors.

After all the corresponding procedures, I arrived in the UK in September, just a day before the welcome event organized for all international students. This event was also crucial in helping me adapt to the school environment and connect with others who had gone through similar experiences.

At that moment I realized that every journey for us is different, but the excitement of completing each step to get here is unparalleled.

Kshanya International Testimonial

Kshanya, Dubai

BA (Hons) Dance Education and Teaching

My journey to Chichester began after studying Dance in London for 2 years. My teacher from London trained at Chichester, and I loved his movement style and his way of teaching! This piqued my interest in studying Dance here.

I quickly understood that pursuing dance at this university was the best option for me. It also gave me the impression that it could make me a stronger, more mature dancer, and it could even expand my passion for dance.

The career options that would be available after university looked the most promising because there are a variety of career pathways that I could go into which seemed higher than anywhere else.

The 老司机视频 was my top choice, and I couldn't imagine myself in a different place.

Going for the Open Day and auditions was a dream, as it gave me a warm feeling. A mix of the city and the greenery was an additional plus point!

Initially, my parents advised me to go through an education agent but I decided against it, as I wanted to find the place for me which ticked all my boxes.

With the support of my parents, friends, and school, it made me more confident about where I was going for my future studies. This was very reassuring.

Browsing through the Chichester website to explore potential courses was a seamless experience, and what caught my attention was the dedicated section for dance.

My interest grew even further when I stumbled upon a teaching and education course specifically tailored to dance. I had often contemplated and actively searched for a programme that combined my passion for dance with the educational aspect. It seemed like the perfect combination of my interests.

Chichester 老司机视频 stood out to me for various reasons. The friendly atmosphere of the city, coupled with the clear and engaging course content, made it an ideal academic destination.

The university's commitment to accessible learning and the approachability of the department gave me confidence in their support system.

As an international student, the vast amount of information and guidance provided by Chichester made the prospect of studying abroad less daunting.

The historic charm of the Bishop Otter campus, blending seamlessly with modern facilities, added to the university's appeal. From its first appearance, Chichester offers a well-rounded experience with a welcoming environment, supportive staff, and clear resources for international students. This creates a compelling and engaging educational journey.

In general, there were many obstacles with the visa application. One of these issues was receiving my CAS Number. However, emailing the international team at Chichester was super helpful and made the application process so much easier!

Enrolment went smoothly. When it came to move-in day the arrival crew were very helpful with everything and welcomed me with open arms.

I haven't had any challenges so far, but if I ever did, it was made clear that I could go to my academic advisor, or the international team as they could provide advice and help in any way possible.

Trinity International Testimonial

Trinity, South Africa

BSc in Criminology and Forensic Psychology

My journey to Chichester started way back in August 2022. The decision to study abroad was not made lightly. I always knew I wanted to travel and explore, but I never imagined moving so far away from home at the age of 19.

Deciding to move abroad was a difficult decision, as I knew I would have to leave everyone and everything I knew. Flying over from South Africa to the UK was also a very scary and sad portion of moving, as I knew I wouldn't see my family again for at least a year.

Completing my application was an emotional rollercoaster for both me and my family. We spent a lot of time talking about the different opportunities that I would have, as well as how to deal with homesickness.

Having an open line of communication with my parents and my family was very helpful for me, as it showed me that no matter how far I go, I will always have a support system back home.

I discovered Chichester through UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) while searching for universities that offered the degree that I was passionate about; a BSc in Criminology and Forensic Psychology.

Gathering information on Chichester 老司机视频 was very simple once I discovered it on UCAS; the website was really easy to navigate.

My biggest guides were definitely my parents. They helped me choose Chichester. A few of my other supporters along the way were my two cousins. They鈥檙e a year younger than me and were my biggest cheerleaders all the way through application, acceptance and the final move to the UK.

I also had a lot of help from the 老司机视频 Admissions team. I was in constant contact with them about every little question or worry that I had. Having so much help from the Chichester Admissions team helped ease my anxiety about moving abroad.

It showed me that even if my family was far away, I still had people I could depend on if I was confused or scared.

Completing my application was a very scary process, as I wasn't sure I was doing it right the whole way through. The UK and South African grading systems are very different, so filling out grades on UCAS was very confusing. However, with a little guidance from the Chichester Admissions team, it was plain sailing!

My final decision to choose Chichester was made mainly because of the course they offered. It was exactly what I wanted to do, and that excited me. I also loved that Chichester was a small town. I wanted to have as many different experiences as possible, and, coming from a really big city, I thought I鈥檇 give a smaller town a try!

My course at the 老司机视频

Damara International Testimonial

Damara, Mexico

MA Performance Dance

I chose the MA in Performance Dance course because the program operates as if you were part of a professional company.

Our mornings commence with invigorating technical training sessions, laying the groundwork for the day ahead.

Afternoons are dedicated to rigorous rehearsals and the meticulous preparation of performances.

Furthermore, each member assumes a distinct role vital to the seamless functioning of the Company (social media, costumes, merch, etc.).

During the second semester, we embark on a tour across various locations in the UK to present the productions developed during the initial period.

We also have the privilege of conducting workshops tailored to diverse audiences, amplifying our impact in schools and cultural venues.

The possibility to study in an international environment appealed to me as it offers a broader and more diverse perspective on techniques, styles, and artistic approaches.

The most interesting and exciting feature of the course is the opportunity to collaborate with people from all around the world, and share classes with the rest of MA students. This interaction provides a wealth of perspectives and experiences that enrich my artistic practice and challenge me to grow as a performer and creator.

Among the most useful modules, I found those little spaces during technique classes or repertoire focusing on improvisation and choreographic composition particularly beneficial because dance education in my country did not focus on this aspect. Therefore, those spaces have provided me with creative tools and techniques that I can apply both in my work as a performer and in my own artistic explorations.

In terms of teaching, the course's approach is highly participatory and practical. Students are expected to fully engage with the creative process and be open to exploring new ideas and approaches. Autonomy and initiative in artistic practice are encouraged.

The facilities are of high quality. We have well-equipped dance studios, rehearsal spaces, and research areas that facilitate an environment conducive to learning and experimentation.

100% attendance is mandatory, technical classes are evaluated through the process, and some require written assignments. Additionally, live presentations, teaching during the workshops, and participation are part of the final mark.

Students are encouraged to challenge themselves and explore new forms of expression and new 谩reas of interest throughout the course. By the end of the program, it is expected that we will have the necessary tools to venture into the professional world as dancers, educators, or in another dance-related area.

Trinity International Testimonial

Trinity, South Africa

BSc in Criminology and Forensic Psychology

During my final year in high school, I was one of those students that knew exactly what I wanted to study. While everyone was scrambling to find their purpose and passion, I was set. Granted, I had no idea where I wanted to study it.

I chose Chichester university because they provided the exact course I wanted to do, BSc in Criminology and Forensic Psychology. I chose this specific degree for many different reasons.

The first, and most important, is because it鈥檚 something I鈥檓 incredibly passionate about. I have always been fascinated by crime, whether that be petty crime or serious ones, I have always wanted the thrill of being involved in cases, catching the bad guys, and just generally making the world a safer place. I鈥檝e always wanted to understand what causes individuals to become serial killers or kidnappers 鈥 and that鈥檚 exactly what this course teaches. It further teaches how to recognize early warning signs.

Finding this course and seeing that I could actually do what I鈥檝e always dreamed of 鈥 is exactly why I chose this course. I chose this course because it invokes excitement, passion and massive amounts of interest.

The degree encompasses many different interesting sections, however the one that interests me the most is 鈥渨hy does crime occur? And what causes individuals to partake in crime鈥.

My degree covers all different things that fall under the umbrella of crime, we have just started to learn about hostage negotiation as well as the different factors that cause individuals to turn to a life of crime.

One of the most exciting lectures that I have had this far is understanding the main components of a forensic psychologist鈥檚 job 鈥 this includes things such as eye witness testimony, profiling individuals and inheritance of criminality.

As with any university course, there were sections of my degree that I didn鈥檛 thoroughly enjoy, simply because I initially found them difficult.

Within my degree specifically, this section was statistics. I am not much of a mathematically inclined person, and thus I found this portion of my first semester to be incredibly challenging, but I succeeded, and I promise everyone can. It鈥檚 all about perseverance and tenacity.

I worked a extra hard on this module, I booked consultation sessions and was in constant communication with my peers as well as my lecturers in order to achieve my goals 鈥 most importantly, I utilized group study sessions, these helped tremendously as we all helped each other get through the roughest parts. We were all there for each other, whether that be through explaining sections or simply crying over the assignment 鈥 we did it together.

For all of my modules, we are taught through both lectures and seminars. The lectures generally comprise of content, understanding of the work, making notes and gathering information.

The seminars are where we put what we learnt in the lectures into actual real life scenarios, we learn how to apply the content to actual situations.

Having both of these different types of learning forums is great because it allows for double the time to ask questions as well as it allows you to hear the information more than once.

Due to the high content level of my degree, we are also expected to do extra readings every week, these allow us to gain experience in deconstructing academic papers and seeing the format that we need to write in.

Assessments on the BSc Criminology and Forensic psychology course are quite relaxed compared to other degrees.

For first year, we only had one exam, the rest were all written assignments. Personally, I love this as it gives me more time to ensure the standard of my work is of good quality, as well as I can get help on different sections if I book consultation slots with my professors.

I absolutely love my degree, and I couldn鈥檛 be happier with what I have chosen to study. The content, the lecturers and even my peers, have created an outstanding experience for me, and I wouldn鈥檛 change it for the world. If crime and criminals is something that interests you, the 老司机视频 is definitely a good choice.

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