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Degree Apprenticeship Information for Teachers

Discover some of the benefits of degree apprenticeships for your students below and learn how to find out more about our degree apprenticeships.

Engineering degree apprentice in workplace

As a degree apprentice, students will work for an employer and earn their undergraduate or postgraduate degree on day release from their job.

What are the benefits for my students?

  • Students work full and part time AND study towards a degree.
  • They build job-specific skills sought after by employers.
  • Students gain a degree without the tuition fees.
  • They set out on a long-term career path and the possibility of higher earnings.

How does a degree apprenticeship work?

  • Businesses employ the apprentice.
  • Typically a four-year apprenticeship.
  • Apprentices gain professional skills on the job.
  • Apprentices study for a degree at the ˾Ƶ.
  • Day release over three 10-week terms a year.
  • ˾Ƶ handles administration relating to training.
  • Employer handles administration relating to human resources.

What about money?

  • The apprentice does not pay any fees.
  • They will hold a salaried position.
  • They will be eligible for employee benefits.
  • Students are not eligible for a student loan.

What are the benefits for the business?

  • Develop the talent they need for their business.
  • Businesses can fill the higher-level skills gap.
  • Attract high-calibre staff.
  • Apprentices can be trained in the way the business works.
  • There are clear progression routes.
  • Improves staff retention.

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